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Red Alert 3: Uprising – The Verdict

When it comes to producing a stand-alone expansion for a game, there are a number of rules in play as to what you should expect. As is usually the case, there are three: The expansion should be of comparative length. It should improve upon the core game play It should be able to stand as a game in its own right. Unfortunately, Red Alert 3: Uprising manages to fail on all three counts. This is quite painful for me to…

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Red Alert 3: Uprising Competition

The standalone expansion for Red Alert 3 is just around the corner, Uprising is released on the 12th March and we have three download codes for the game. Uprising is a standalone expansion so you don’t need Red Alert 3 to play the game. If you want to be in with a chance of wining this prize then send an email to the competition address by the 15th of March 2009 containing a haiku told from a Red Alert 3…

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Red Alert 3: Uprising – First Details

The first details on a new Red Alert 3 expansion pack have been revealed in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK. Subscriber copies have just been delivered while the mag will appear in shops on the 15th January. The expansion will be titled Uprising and will be released this summer as a digital download. Uprising will take the Allied ending to Red Alert 3 as canon with the Soviets being cast as underdogs and the Empire of the Rising…

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Scarf – The Verdict

“Wherever there is boredom, there is fun.” I live in the UK. It would be underselling the political situation here to say the past few weeks have been an exudation of shit. My instincts are to follow such events with bloodshot eyes. To shower in the shit. Throw in January and February, where it’s eternally wet, cold, and grey, and you’ve got an especially exhausted, probably blubbering, Ross. A pair of like-minded friends retreated to Barbados. Unable to afford such…

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Our Year in Games 2020 – Ross

Most years here at Reticule Towers we do some sort of review of the last year in games, or celebrate the games of the The Reticule years. While we took a break last year, this year we’re back with a mixture of Our Year in Games where we review our gaming stories of the last year, and we’ll also take a look at what we consider to be our Games of the Year. Here we have Ross talk about how…

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Returning to Hearts of Iron IV

I’ve dabbled in Hearts of Iron IV now and again since launch, a game which was great at the time, but lacking some of the polish I would have wanted to see to give it a Red Mist. The game has evolved nicely over the past two years thanks to the Paradox style of releasing paid expansions to coincide with extensive free updates. To get the most out of the game at this point, you tend to need to dive into the…

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Unrest – The Verdict

RPGs are often so deliberately expansive, boasting of twenty hour main quests and thirty more for the incidental side quests, spread across vast fantasy kingdoms, or across the length and breadth of the Milky Way. But do they need to be? This is the question asked by Unrest, a low-key RPG set in and around the slums of a decaying city state in a fictionalised ancient India across eight chapters chronicling the events around a revolt.