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Our Year in Games – Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of Our Year in Games. You can find Part One and Two right over here if you are interested in catching up. As we get closer to Christmas, we are also starting to think about our Games of the Year. You will be able to see what we have each chosen on the 25th. For now, why not read on and see what else we have been up to this year.

The Latest Euro Truck Sim 2 Developments

After turning on Steam the other day, I took at look at the list of current downloads and spotted Euro Truck Simulator 2 busy downloading an update. I sadly haven’t been able to play this engrossing game much since moving into my flat, but I wanted to keep up to date with the latest goings on and so, I headed over to the SCS Software blog. So now, I can bring you an update on the latest goings on, just take a look below the line.

Euro Truck Sim 2 Getting Eastern Europe DLC

Slow-burn underground hit, European Truck Simulator 2, still sitting in the Top 20 sellers on Steam is going to be receiving an Eastern European themed DLC pack in the coming months. The map expansion will have a strong focus on Poland, a country in which developers SCS Software have seen great success and support.

The team at SCS have released a bunch of early images of some of the cities that will feature in the expansion, and they look a lot more detailed than the locations that can be explored in the base game. You can check the out, along with a map of the expanded road network after the break.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – The Verdict

When I talk about what I am currently playing to my friends at work I often get some strange looks when I talk about what obscure game I am in the middle of. Over the past couple of weeks these looks have come about from Euro Truck Simulator 2, a game which I am not afraid to say I have actually been really quite enjoying. It isn’t the kind of game that would ever attain the famed Red Mist rating…

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Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets UK Retail Release Date

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is very nearly here with UK publisher Excalibur revealing today on Facebook that they will be releasing the game on October 26th for UK retail. However, if you are very keen, developers SCS Software have confirmed that they will be in a position to release the game digitally on the 19th of October. I for one and getting pretty excited for this, it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but this series has slowly created a little place of its own in my heart.

Scania Truck Simulator – The Verdict

I was bitterly disappointed by last years Trucks and Trailers, a title which I felt damaged the growing reputation that was being enjoyed by SCS Software’s Truck Simulator series of games. Fortunately, the precursor to European Truck Simulator 2, Scania Truck Simulator, is a much more enjoyable experience.

As you might guess by the name this title features a heavy influence from truck manufacturer Scania. This is felt most keenly with the presence of only one cab to drive in, a Scania truck. But SCS have done a really good job modelling the cab, both on the inside and out, this is all thanks to the new engine they are using which was developed for ETS2. The new engine is shown off best in the Dangerous Drives mode which features a variety of extremely challenging missions where you must drive your truck, sometimes with cargo, from point to point in the quickest time while avoiding hitting any obstacles. The first mission takes place on a route with a passing resemblance to the Road of Death. Things only get more challenging from there, while one mission really shows off what the new game engine is capable of by making you drive through a flooded town with rain lashing down. It is quite a sight and shows how far the series has come.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator Announced

As you might know, I am a bit of a fan of the upcoming European Truck Simulator 2 from SCS Software, but while we are patiently waiting for that we have the prospect of Scania Truck Driving Simulator coming out in May.

It is a title which promises to be deeper than last years disappointing Trucks and Trailers. This release will feature a basic driving school series of tasks, a map for free driving and a variety of scenarios to work through. The most exciting bit though must be the segment based on Scania’s Young European Truck Driver Competition (watch them in action here) which promises to be a very, very challenging sequence of events. You can find more details on the SCS Soft blog. Am I the only one who is interested in these games?