The Reticule is, as should be plainly obvious from the home page, a website about games. More specifically about games on the PC, 360, PS3, Wii and handheld and mobile platforms. For those of you with good memories, you may recall the site originally focused solely on the PC. How times have changed.

You will find we provide news coverage, but only on those tidbits which catch our eye and give us the urge to write about them. Rather, you will more often find impressions, reviews, interviews and other more in-depth articles appearing.

The Reticule: Our Scoring System

A quick rundown of our scoring system is necessary at this juncture, it isn’t complicated, but it may not be quite what everyone is used to.

Red Mist – A rare sight, Game of the Year quality
Head Shot – Given to really awesome games, best of the bunch.
On target – Above average game, certain aspects or niggles making the game not for everyone but a stand out example of the genre.
Off target – Below average, major flaws or bugs that make the game not all there, and barely worth renting at all.
Crotch shot – Terrible. To be avoided and has almost no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Should be taken out the back and shot.

How to Contact Us

If you have any thoughts or ideas on the site, or if you have some news for us, drop us a line at contact[at]thereticule.com

The Team

The team behind The Reticule is ready and raring to go, this is your chance to meet them.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is the man behind The Reticule, he was involved in the creation of the site originally back in the old days and has brought together this band of scoundrels to lead the site to new levels of quality. You may have spotted him appear on Resolution, half-life2.net and very rarely, Rock, Paper, Shotgun. When things go wrong, point the finger at him.

Kevin McLennan

Kevin is old, 30 years old to be exact. With old age comes an appreciation for the finer things in life. By finer he means faster, better, more efficient, he means a PC. Where once there used to be Sega Mega Drives, Playstations and N64s, now there is only the PC. But that’s quite alright, cause he always hated that he could never order a Pizza Hut on his SNES.

Nick Wheeler

Nick was once new to the team and didn’t warrant a longer description. Now he’s been here a while, we’ve added this extra sentence.

Stephanie Woor

A valid answer to the question “who came crawling back?”, Steph is a marketing copywriter who has started writing for the Reticule again because it keeps her sane. The total sum of her life experience includes that one time she went to Japan and her 106% completion of Super Meat Boy, facts she drops into everything, even this bio.

Stephen Fulton

Jon Armer

Previous contributors include, amongst others, Ben Borthwick and Michael Johnson. The original Reticule Crew consisted of Chris Evans, Phil Cameron, Steve Peacock, Greg Wild, Matthias Tammet and DuBBle.


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