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What Windows 7 Means For Gamers

What Windows 7 Means For Gamers


The open beta for Windows 7 has been available for about a week now and many of you are probably wondering what impact this is going to have on your gaming lives. Fortunately Tech Radar has a low down on what Windows 7 means to you.

They generally give off a good impression with the new operating system is much more efficient, especially when it comes to using RAM. The other biggie is graphics card drivers, Tech Radar report that you can simply use the same drivers for your card as you use in Vista without a problem. That certainly sounds good to me.

Another important thing is the Windows Experience Index which gives your machine a rating. The Windows 7 blog has a piece explaining all the changes that have been made to it.

Have you started to use Windows 7, if so what are your thoughts on it?