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The Last Stand: Aftermath Impressions

The Last Stand: Aftermath Impressions

I’ve somehow found myself in another post-apocalyptic wasteland, scrambling for survival against an ever present virus, hope dwindling away steadily as time goes on. I’ve also been playing Con Artists Game’s Demo for The Last Stand: Aftermath that popped up during the recent Steam event, so you know, that’s nice. But does it cut the mustard? (Why you’d cut mustard I wouldn’t know. It’s not exactly tough and is more of a paste than anything…)

The Last Stand: Aftermath, aside from being a ungodly mouthful is (and I quote)…

“an all new, premium singleplayer standalone action adventure rogue-lite!”

…which come to think about it is also an ungodly mouthful. Happily though, things are a bit clearer when you’re actually in the game.

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