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Because your day wasn’t miserable enough: Bastard Tetris

Because your day wasn’t miserable enough: Bastard Tetris

And it makes good on its promise. Hitler had nothing on this thing.

Please, you need to help me. There’s a monster on the run, and I think I’m finally losing it. Can’t take it much longer…
There’s this game, see. Tetris. It’s evil. No-no, the blocks themselves are harmless. They’re stupid and you can do whatever you want with them. But the blockmaster, on the other hand – positively evil. My days are over. I had to submit to his control.

I am, of course, not talking about Tetris®. Tetris®’ blockmaster is almost as stupid as the blocks themselves, the blocks are spit out in a random order.

However. I introduce to you Bastard Tetris.
A quote from the website describes its wrongdoings:

Bastet uses a special algorithm designed to choose the worst brick possible.

I say we invade Poloni’s (the creator of that abomination) home country and bring him to justice.

Oh, and make sure to download (or not!) the Windows version.