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Tension Latest

Tension Latest

In October I talked about how Atari were planning to publish Tension, the latest game from Ice-Pick Lodge, the team behind Pathologic.

The big news direct from Ice-Pick Lodge is that the game has a new name, it is now going to be known as The Void and is going to be published in the Western world by Atari.

The game is undergoing some big changes to prepare it for the English language release, the story is being totally re-written and the game is being re-balanced. The Russian version has been described as being very hardcore orientated, this is being changed to make the game easier for new players. The Void will also see some new locations that were not seen in the Russian release.

Finally Wolfgang Walk, an experienced producer from the Settlers games has been brought on board to help with the final spit and polish required to get the game ready to release. While the team are hoping for a Steam release, nothing is confirmed yet.

A video which some of you may not have seen yet is available here.

In a related note, Pathologic has been voted Number 8 in the creepiest PC games ever.