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Mass Effect 3 and Sniper Elite V2 Pre-Order Shenanigans

Mass Effect 3 and Sniper Elite V2 Pre-Order Shenanigans

Shenanigans are occurring in the pre-order market today, first up is an Origin only pre-order deal for Mass Effect 3 which is exclusive to the EU where you can get all the pre-order items in one hit for both Digital Deluxe Edition and the Standard Edition. Check out the pre-order page and rejoice in an outlet which will give you all the pre-order bonuses at once, no worrying about what special item you will miss out on. There have been lots of complaints about Origin, but this is a good move.

The second bit of pre-order action is for Sniper Elite V2. In this World War Two sniper love-in, we all know that the ultimate mission would be to kill Hitler, the only trouble? If you want to get the chance to kill Hitler in the game, you are going to have to pre-order it. The press release makes no mention of the mission being made available later to those who don’t pre-order. A decidedly bad move I think.

Thoughts on this pre-order malarky?

Because your day wasn’t miserable enough: Bastard Tetris

Because your day wasn’t miserable enough: Bastard Tetris

And it makes good on its promise. Hitler had nothing on this thing.

Please, you need to help me. There’s a monster on the run, and I think I’m finally losing it. Can’t take it much longer…
There’s this game, see. Tetris. It’s evil. No-no, the blocks themselves are harmless. They’re stupid and you can do whatever you want with them. But the blockmaster, on the other hand – positively evil. My days are over. I had to submit to his control.

I am, of course, not talking about Tetris®. Tetris®’ blockmaster is almost as stupid as the blocks themselves, the blocks are spit out in a random order.

However. I introduce to you Bastard Tetris.
A quote from the website describes its wrongdoings:

Bastet uses a special algorithm designed to choose the worst brick possible.

I say we invade Poloni’s (the creator of that abomination) home country and bring him to justice.

Oh, and make sure to download (or not!) the Windows version.

The Hitler Problem

The Hitler Problem

Honestly, this was the least horrifying image I could find that was still relevant.

This post is spurred by the recent comment in ‘What Next for Total War?‘ by Spiral Architect, who raises a very valid point of the startling moral conundrum of verisimilitude (or realism for everyone not doing a literature degree) in the next Total War game, which could very well deal with the 20th or even 21st century. Before I start out I’m going to throw the blanket of safety over myself by saying that all within here is merely speculation, and Creative Assembly could make a brilliant game that covers these moral problems without making it tasteless, sickening or muted. They are, however, going to face some very real problems when even considering this game, not least its scope.

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