The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – Microsoft Conference

The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – Microsoft Conference

Hello! I’m totally not sat at E3, but I am near a computer screen. As such I’m going to be providing commentary on the Microsoft conference as it happens. Join me will you, for hopefully irrelevant commentary and probably some snark on the biggest party of videogames since that time Master Chief vomited into the visor of his own helmet.

EDIT: Updates are currently in reverse order, with the earliest at the bottom of the page.


4 thoughts on “The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – Microsoft Conference

  1. Is this new guy trying to get the cheap pops with the mention of LA and the convention centre?

  2. I think Microsoft really need to talk more at this conference about Kinect/PC support. Will be missing out on a lot of potential if they don’t?

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