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That’s What I Call Thinking With Portals

When I think of printing, quite naturally I immediately think of Valve’s Portal series. Ok, perhaps not, but going forward I probably will. This month, are running a competition to give away a full scale replica Portal gun. Sadly, it’s non-functional, but nevertheless it’s possibly one of the most awesome conversation-starters to adorn any dining-room table. I’m not entirely certain as to where the connection between high-quality printing and portals actually lies, but nevertheless the opportunity to own one of these wonders…

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Toki Tori 2 First Indie Game To Utilise Level Sharing Through Steam Workshop

Two Tribes have announced, thanks to a post on their development blog, that they will be the first indie game company to allow players to share levels through the Steam Workshop. Toki Tori 2 will also be the first ever game of theirs to include a level editor and players will be able to edit and create new levels to share with the rest of the Steam community, much like Portal 2.

Toki Tori 2 In Development, Shows Off New Features

The Toki Tori series of games may look all cute and fluffy on the outside, but the bottom line is that Two Tribes have created a challenging and creative platform puzzler for all ages. The recent and popular remake of the originals for the Steam and iPhone audience and the inclusion in January’s Humble Bundle for Andriod has helped boost the profile of Toki Tori. So much so that Two Tribes are currently in development of a entirely new set…

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Bookworm Adventures 2 – The Verdict

Lex the worm is one of the best characters PopCap have created, clearly better than Crazy Dave and most certainly superior to any of the characters in Peggle. It is only fair that he has been given another outing in the great Bookworm Adventures series with the fittingly entitled, Bookworm Adventures 2. After a host of stories escape from Lex’s library you are thrown into the fray with an Adventure mode comprising three separate books containing ten chapters and bosses…

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