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FIFA 10 – Demo Impressions

FIFA 10 – Demo Impressions

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I’ll be honest from the off, I started the FIFA 10 demo expecting to be disappointed. For all the talk about how the series has drastically improved over the past couple of years I was skeptical of what the new version was going to be like. I played theFIFA 09 demo last year after getting caught up in the hype surrounding the game, it left a bad taste in my mouth and I quickly turned back to ProEvo. This year I finished playing the demo with a broad grin stuck on my face.

It is a small demo in some ways, you can only play a ten-minute exhibition match with a variety of top European teams (plus Chicago Fire) inWembley Stadium, but, you can play as many times as you like and your stats are recorded in the widget on the menu screen. You get a small amount of information on the new and improved game modes such as the enhanced ‘Be a Pro’ mode which now covers both club and country and ‘The Season’ which lets you play through a full season of domestic and continental games without the hassle of handling team finances or training.

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The matches though are where FIFA 10 shines, it feels much better than the clunky FIFA 09 demo from last year. I think it is fair to say the new fangled 360 degree player movement is the main factor in this. Why it has taken so long for full 360 player movement to be introduced I don’t know, regardless player control is a much more dynamic and fluid experience that it has been in any other football game I have played.

Even when Barcelona were trouncing my Bayern Munich side 3-0 I still enjoyed it, and after lowering the difficulty and thumping Olympic Marseilles 4-0 with Chicago Fire I knew that this game had finally come good on the PC. I do fear that the high-defconsole versions of the game will provide a better experience, but I am looking forward to what the full game has to offer. Judging from the main menu there will be a lot to play around with and right now, I cannot wait.

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Empire: Total Impressions (Demo)

Empire: Total Impressions (Demo)

Misty Boats. Sexy.

As any of you who have read my poorly defended justifications about strategy games will know, I’m really bad at strategy games. That’s been said. Which makes my increasingly frequent writeups of strategy game demos apparently very strange. But there’s two reasons why I’m not nearly so bad at Total War games, and another two about why Empire in particular is fitting me rather well. Total War games tend to lean more on the sweeping tactics side of strategy, which I can just about do, and they have much of the game during a turn based format, which I can also do. And Empire has boats, and it also has cannons.

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Call of Duty: World at War Impressions

Call of Duty: World at War Impressions

Lets be honest right from the off, World at War is simply Call of Duty 4 set back in World War II and made a bit worse. I had some hopes when I started the game, the briefing sequences to each level are nicely done, they mix together voice overs from the leading character from the US and Russian campaigns with archive footage from the battles you are taking part in.

It is clear that Treyarch are trying to honour those who were involved in that bloody conflict, and that is a good thing too. Veterans need to be remembered, and as the years go on there are going to be less and less of them alive, so poignant tributes to them are essential. However when you start the credits with a message in honour of those troops and proceed to throw in a zombie survival mode at the end, well that just seems wrong.

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