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The Magic Number – The Cost of Gaming

The Magic Number – The Cost of Gaming

Doller Coin big!

With certain new games set for release at ever higher prices, while others (such as Men of War) have a distinctly lower price point and regular sales, it seems time (as ever, I suppose though) to think about what games should cost. Rather than blathering on in an opinionated fashion, I did a little survey, firing off a short list of questions to a section of The Reticule’s eminent friends in development to see what they thought about it.

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The Goo Spreads

The Goo Spreads


After a long wait all you European World of Goo fans can now buy the game. It is available right now on Steam and as well as a host of retail outlets. The game is retailing for €20 and Ron Carmel has said that they are looking at getting the game on the UK amazon site as well.

Find all the lovely information about the European release of World of Goo here.

Finally, if you want to give someone the amazing gift of Goo this Christmas, just follow these simple instructions.

Good Euro Goo News

Good Euro Goo News

Good news for all the European fans of World of Goo, 2D Boy have managed to change some things with their Euro publisher, RTL Games. As such the game will be coming to Wii Ware and the PC in both retail and digital formats sometime towards the end of December.

The PC version of the game will cost €19.99 at retail and it will also be coming back onto Steam in Europe.

There is some bad news however, as of right now that mysterious “6th Chapter” will not be included in the European retail release as was originally planned. The boys want to keep all versions of the game the same wherever possible.

When I asked Kyle further about this “6th Chapter” he revealed the following:

It’s possible it will never come out. It’s also possible that it will come out as an expansion for all versions of the game, at the same time, available to all regions. The thing I feel great about, though, is that we can finally say that there is one and only one definitive version of World of Goo, available to everyone.

Check out all the details regarding the Euro release here.