Oh Valve, You Big Tease

Oh Valve, You Big Tease

I think we should just use this as the main image for all L4D news. What'd'ya think?

We waited with bated breath. News was within our grasp, “just on the horizon”, they told us. Supposedly we’d hear, in the next week or so, that the first big update for L4D was going to be released, hopefully with versus maps for Dead Air and Death Toll, and maybe some extra nubbins. So when, today, I was greeted by news of a L4D update being released this week I made an audible squeee sound. This was it! I would finally be able to bound over the rooftops of Dead Air as my friend the Hunter. Or lurch through the drainage system of Death Toll as my volatile chum the Boomer. Alas, it isn’t that update. This is one that’s far more grease and wrenches than flashy versus maps and potential new campaigns (perhaps even the SDK!). No, this is one that shall fix the myriad exploits and bugs that have been plaguing the game for a while now, hopefully including such annoyances as the breakable door in No Mercy, or a few of the closet cases. First, there was the tentative releasing of this email, which was decried as fake, then another here, and finally Shacknews confirmed it here. Block quote below from Chet Faliszek.

“Sadly Microsoft has nothing to do with the pc patch… that delay is all us. The PC and 360 will be patched independently not sure where people picked up that exploit/bug fixing was tied together. Only the DLC will be simultaneous. The problem on the PC side was a few large bugs affected other systems that we were going to rewrite on the pc so we ended up waiting to fix a whole class of bugs instead of just individual bugs. The patch should be out this week.



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  1. I’d just like to say I had no idea what you were on about until I read the quote. Though I never knew of anythign that needed patching

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