Chris Evans’ Bio

Chris Evans’ Bio

Chris Evans. Your Street. Yesterday.

The man of a thousand faces. Scourge of blonde babies. Chris ‘Evo’* Evans is both blessing and curse in equal measure. A retired 50s spy, something that was astounding at the time, given it was during the mid 80s, Evans was assigned to take out a Voodoo overlord in Guam. Things soon went downhill though, what with the whole blonde baby catastrophy of 89. Not much else is known in the years that followed, but he reemerged during the Boy Band ascendancy of the late 90s to reclaim his throne as the overlord of candy thieves.

In his spare time, between foiling vicious mystical villans and organising the latest raid on prams, Chris ‘Evo’ Evans keeps his finger on the somewhat palsied pulse of PC Gaming. He has been referred to as the Reuters of Gaming, the source of knowledge for all other news sites, but such a referral doesn’t really happen that often.

*The Evo moniker is in honour of his late pet monkey, Jibjab, who died a horrific death in the boiling lava pits of Venezuela, and quite why the moniker isn’t Jibjab, no one really knows.

– Sponge

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