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Clearing The Backlog – Portal 2

A few things strike me as I start writing about Portal 2. For one, how has it taken me until nine years after release to write about this game again? And for two, it’s strange to look back at Ben’s review from 2011 and to think that was one of the early Verdict’s following the relaunch of the site in April of that year. So much time has past, and yet with regards to Valve’s singleplayer games, it’s only now that…

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Portal 2 – Perpetual Testing Initiative Preview

Although an incredible story, I couldn’t help but feel that the puzzles in Portal 2 lacked a certain finesse. Abandoning the streamlined approach of the original Portal might have provided Valve with the ability to tell a remarkable tale, but some fans, myself included, believed the difficulty of the puzzles had been reduced to increase pacing. On May 8th, Valve is due to release the Perpetual Testing Initiative update for Portal 2, at which point the internet will probably explode.

Portal 2 – The Verdict

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s been almost seven years since the last full length single player game from Valve. It’s not like they’ve been quiet since then or anything, on the contrary – Portal 2 is in fact the cumulation of the things learned from all their output in the intervening years: The short form Episodes provided the platform to test out the original Portal. The lessons learned from Team Fortress 2 in predicting player behaviour. How players interact with…

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Quake Turns 25!

Quake, one of my favourite games pretty much ever, turns 25 today. I owe Quake a lot – my career, for one, which seems important – and I can’t help but play it every year or so. It’s marvellous. Doesn’t get old. Here are some words I wrote about it not so long ago.

The Reticule Presents – Our Games of the Year 2020 – Chris

We might have ticked over to a new year, but we still have thoughts to share on the games from 2020. We have talked about Our 2020 Year in Games, a joyful tale of our adventures in gaming through that topsy-turvy year. This time we’re taking a look at our Games of the Year. Some of us might have multiple Games of the Year, others might just have one, but there is one simple rule, the game must have been…

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CyberPunk 2077: New trailer

So following the unfortunate (though highly predictable) delay of CD Project Red’s highly anticipated new title CyberPunk 2077, they threw us a bone in the shape of a new trailer, and oh my, isn’t it shiny. And neon. But mostly of shiny.

Bridge Constructor Portal: The Verdict

You may have read that I was a little bit excited to get my hands on this game. It had bridge building (a style of games i’m actually quite fond of) and Valve’s Portals mixed with a dashing of Sardonic wit from GLaDOS herself. What was not to like. Well jump to the cut to find out….

Tokyo 42 – The Verdict

It’s here, at long last, my Verdict on Tokyo 42, a game I seem to have been wittering on about for anywhere between 4.2 seconds and 42 years. This shooter/stealther/cat game has been thoroughly enjoyable to play, even if it can be devilishly hard at times.

EGX 2016 – Day Two Report

Welcome to my Day Two report from EGX. My Day started by catching up on Thursday Night Football where my Patriots smashed the Texans. I’ve got Madden 17 at home and have been thoroughly enjoying it. You’re not here for the NFL talk though, you want my EGX hot takes! Read on dear readers…