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Don’t Starve – Caves Update Out Now

When I talked to Kevin Forbes about Don’t Starve last week he didn’t want to ruin any surprises people might find within the Caves update. Never fear being spoiled in an interview though, you can now head underground and explore the new biome as all the cool kids call these things. It is early days with the update, Klei will be adding more to it over the next three or four smaller updates. You can read the update notes here and check out a trailer for the Caves after the break.

A Little Interview About Don’t Starve

It is pretty safe to say that I have quite enjoyed Don’t Starve, the survival game which I’ve really been getting my teeth into. Hell, I even a little video about. I decided to find someone to talk to at developer’s Klei Entertainment. I was able to pose ten questions to one of the team at Klei, Kevin Forbes. Hit the jump to find out what Kevin makes of comparisons with Minecraft and Terraria and the forthcoming Caves update for Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve – The Verdict

This isn’t Minecraft or Terraria, but it follows in a similar vein with no real hints or tips and an entire sense of ‘how the hell do I survive in this game?’. I’m really enjoying this game, and while I might not have fallen in love with it like I have with other indie games over the past few years, I do seem to keep going back for just one more go.

Oxygen Not Included – Early Access Impressions

Klei Entertainment have made some fine games over the years, everything from the Shank series of side-scrolling brawlers, to stealthy turn-based strategy Invisible Inc. Their latest game, Oxygen Not Included which has recently launched on Steam Early Access is somewhat more akin to the brilliant Don’t Starve in that you are trying to keep alive in an alien environment, focusing on the essentials at first to survive, before turning to the nicetities that you have always wanted.

The 2014 IGF Finalists Feature Amazing Titles

This year there is an amazing group of games nominated for awards at the 16th annual Independent Games Festival. The IGF awards are perhaps the most prestigious in the games industry with past winners of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize including World of Goo, Minecraft and FLT: Faster than Light. Hit the jump for more details.